Measuring selection in contemporary human populations

TitleMeasuring selection in contemporary human populations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsStearns, Stephen C., Byars Sean G., Govindaraju Diddahally R., and Ewbank Douglas
JournalNature Reviews GeneticsNature Reviews Genetics
Date PublishedSep 01
Type of ArticleReview
Accession Number20680024

Are humans currently evolving? This question can be answered using data on lifetime reproductive success, multiple traits and genetic variation and covariation in those traits. Such data are available in existing long-term, multigeneration studies - both clinical and epidemiological - but they have not yet been widely used to address contemporary human evolution. Here we review methods to predict evolutionary change and attempts to measure selection and inheritance in humans. We also assemble examples of long-term studies in which additional measurements of evolution could be made. The evidence strongly suggests that we are evolving and that our nature is dynamic, not static.

Short TitleNat Rev Genet